Flag Crew Serves Sunrise Elementary School

On Mondays through Fridays, a group of volunteer fifth-graders at Sunrise Estates Elementary gathers outside the school to raise the American flag in the morning and lower it each afternoon.  They are known as the ‘Flag Crew.’

Students who serve in the flag crew are Sadie Alexander, Elena Byers, PJ Eiseman, Mackenzie Emricko, Madelyn Galya, Carter Griffith, Addison Himes, Declan Joyce, Mila Kmetz, Rafael Navarrete, Allie Porter, Julianne Rocca, Logan Sage, and Hazel Wagner.

Mr. Jim Lundie, the school security guard, trained the students on flag etiquette and he accompanies them on the task every day.  “This particular task is a great responsibility for these students as it teaches them proper handling and care of our national flag,” says teacher Mrs. Hawk.  “It is a patriotic act that gives the children an opportunity to show their pride in our country.”


the flag crew

The Flag Crew