Penn-Trafford Names January “Students of the Month”

The Penn-Trafford School Board and Administration are pleased to announce the January 2022 ‘Student of the Month’ selections.  Students were selected by their school principals for being exceptional in some way...whether for earning top grades, showing strong leadership, exhibiting kindness, or for some other notable reason.  


Riley Evans is a 5th-grade student at Sunrise Estates Elementary School.  She loves to play volleyball, likes to read, and enjoys gym class.  Riley’s teachers all praise her both in and out of the classroom.  Miss Pratt stated, “Riley is an outstanding student. Her manners and respectful behavior shine through on a daily basis.”  Mrs. Guerrieri commented, “Riley is a hard worker who is always willing to offer a helping hand.  She is kind and a leader among her peers.”  Mrs. Hawk added, “Riley is a very conscientious student and is always focused on her school work.  Her maturity and respectfulness are what make her shine!”     

“Riley is well-deserving of this award and embodies the traits we look for when selecting our student of the month,” said principal Dr. Coiner.  “We are honored to have Riley represent Sunrise as the Student of the Month.” 

Congratulations, Riley!


Dylan Barrett is an 8th-grade student at Penn Middle School.  He has been wrestling since 2nd grade and has aspirations to be a college wrestler.  “His work ethic is 2nd to none,” comments Dylan's wrestling coach, Chris Hartman.  “Dylan is a great wrestler and teammate.”


Dylan's teachers have ample praise for Dylan.  One teacher says “Dylan is a very bright young man who cares about his grades and school.  He is always participating in class and has a great sense of humor. He is a very well-mannered young man who treats his peers with respect and is always willing to help in any way.”  Another teacher adds, “Dylan is an outstanding student, but more than that, he is a remarkable kid.  He really seems to enjoy learning, never backs away from any challenge, and has a great attitude.  Dylan exemplifies everything a Penn Middle Student of Month should be.” 


Congratulations, Dylan!


Moira Creps, a 9th-grade student, has been named January’s Student of the Month at Penn-Trafford High School.  According to all of her teachers, Moira is well-deserving of this honor.  

Child Development teacher, Mrs. Meyers, states that “Moira is a kind and respectful student who is always willing to work with anyone and help her classmates out.”  Biology teacher Mrs. Henney adds, “Moira is so deserving of this award as she is polite, respectful, and always puts forth her best effort on assignments.  She is a joy to have in my classroom!”  Mrs. Haberberger states,  “Moira is always willing to do what is asked of her. She's very quiet, but when we read lines from a play in Theatre class, she really came alive and was very outspoken and animated. It surprised us all!” Finally, Mr. Lynn reports that “Moira does her best in class and always has her work done on time.  Moira can be counted on to be honest and responsible and is a pleasure to have in class.”  

Congratulations, Moira!