Sunrise Estates Elementary School Gets “Grinched”

During the week of December 6th thru December 10th, Sunrise Estates Elementary School held a spirited fundraiser to adorn classroom doors with “Grinch” and “Cindy Lou Who” tickets. 

Students were able to purchase a “Grinch” for 50 cents to be placed on any classroom door in the school, or a “Cindy Lou Who” for $1.00 to place on their own classroom door to cancel out any Grinches.  The winning classrooms – the ones with the least number of Grinches or the most Cindy Lou Whos – were Mrs. Miller’s 4th Grade door (1st Place), Miss Gordon’s 2nd-grade door (2nd Place), and Mrs. Cleland/Mrs. Meyers Kindergarten door (3rd Place).  

The event, which was spearheaded by Miss Gordan and Miss Castaldo, raised $8,815 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.