Core Values

Sunrise Estates holds these Values . . .


  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Compassion
  • Trustworthy
  • Positive School Environment
  • Strong Work Ethic

Belief Statements

Sunrise Estates Elementary Believes that . . .


  • ALL children deserve the opportunity to learn.
  • Teaching is an evolving learning process that requires engagement, flexibility, creativity, communication, and collaboration.
  • A customized learning environment engages students in what and how they learn.

Mission Statement


Value Statements

At Sunrise Estates Elementary:


Learning is . . .


  • An ability all students possess
  • Achievable by all students
  • A desire all students hold
  • Accomplished in different ways
  • Experiential


Teaching is . . .


  • Always changing
  • Genuine and Flexible
  • Defined by leaders in the classroom
  • Various styles and approaches
  • A process that actively involves learners
  • Any moment in which learning occurs
  • A responsibility to empower all learners


Customization means . . .


  • We promote learning with ownership, collaboration, opportunities, and change.
  • Learners discover what, where, how, and with whom they learn the best in order to maximize their growth and success.