School Announcements

  • Yearbook Orders will be due by March 16th. You can order via paper or online!

    Sunrise Estates Elementary School
  • Don't forget to purchase a ticket for the Purse Bash! The event is March 3rd! Sign up forms on THT. All proceeds benefit PTCEF!

    Sunrise Estates Elementary School
  • Career Day Sign Ups are going on now! Forms due by March 2nd. See THT! We are hoping to have just as many as last year!

    Sunrise Estates Elementary School
  • Special Election Lunch Coverage Needed. If you can volunteer to supervise lunch on March 13th, see THT and sign up! Thanks!

    Sunrise Estates Elementary School
  • The Education Fair has been scheduled! Tuesday, March 27th is the night! Start planning your project!

    Sunrise Estates Elementary School
  • KidFest is coming! This is the school Talent Show. Forms are now on THT. Sign up soon!

    Sunrise Estates Elementary School
  • School hours - the office is open from 8am-4pm.

    Sunrise Estates Elementary School

How can you help to support Sunrise?

The PTO is always looking for parents to volunteer time in the school for MANY different activities that they run to support Sunrise. Should you be interested in helping out in any way, please contact one of the PTO Officers listed under the officer folder.   Here are some ways that volunteers are always needed.  Check back as new ways may be added!  

1. Accelerated Reader
2. Homeroom Parents
3. Fun Day
4. Book Fair 
5. AR Point Store
6. After School Movies
7. School Store
8. Election Day Lunches
9. Yearbook
10. Staff Appreciation
11. Bulletin Boards
12. Talent Show
13. Education Fair
14. Food Drive


No Time to Volunteer? There are still ways you can help!

Here are some ways to help support Sunrise!
  • Join the PTO!  
  • Like, share, and follow us on Facebook
  • Sign your child up for after school activities
  • Tell your friends, family and neighbors about our fundraisers, and advertise them on social media
  • Donate snacks and baked goods to our parties and bake sales
  • Attend our parties and fairs
  • Email board members with your suggestions and ideas 


The current Sunrise PTO ByLaws are here:      SunrisePTOBy-Laws Feb 2017.pdf 

PTO Sponsored Activities and Events

Homeroom Parents!   Here is the list of 2017-18 Homeroom Parents for Sunrise:  (Thanks to all those that are willing and able!)   Homeroom Parent list 17-18 Website Version.pdf 


Volunteering During School Hours:  Here is a list of important reminders if and when you ever volunteer during school hours.  Thank you!   Volunteering During School Hours.pdf